Poison Billiards: Become an Authorized Poison Dealer

Our group of dealers are the local heroes. They’re the people who put the technology and style of genuine Poison cues into the hands of customers everywhere, customers who are clamoring for them. They’re the voice of the single most edgy, most dedicatedly break-through brand in the industry. And it is their relationship with the player that has been and will continue to be the most potent ingredient in our mutual success.

Poison is putting the game in the sites of a newly passionate, younger generation of player. And our dealers are putting Poison into those player’s hands.


  1. Distinctive pool cues and related products
  2. Extensive research and development
  3. Point of sale materials and sales aids
  4. Cooperative advertising programs
  5. National and international advertising programs
  6. Product maintenance training
  7. Product warranties
  8. And much more

You must:

  • Meet the necessary financial requirements
  • Have a foundation of management and retail business experience
  • Own a brick and mortar store (not an internet or home-based business), and be able to supply a business permit/license for verification and store photos upon request
  • Be located more than 25 miles away from another authorized Poison dealer in North America (except in large cities)
  • International: There are several countries that have exclusivity, therefore it is at Poison discretion to approve dealership in countries outside of North America
  • Be knowledgeable about the sport of pool or billiards

But even more critical is that you share our passion. That you are an enthusiastic player in both the sport and the lifestyle.  That you, in short, Get It. 

Got it?

Become an Authorized Poison Dealer

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